Monday, June 06, 2005

15 Most Harmful Scholars

It's time for our Annual Harmful Scholar Awards!
This year's list is alphabetical rather than according to harmfulness:

1. Arnold Beichman
Research Fellow
Hoover Institution

2. Prof. Brad Birzer
Hillsdale College

3. Harry Crocker
Vice President & Executive Editor
Regnery Publishing, Inc.

4. Prof. Marshall DeRosa
Florida Atlantic University

5. Dr. Don Devine
Second Vice Chairman
American Conservative Union

6. Prof. Robert George
Princeton University

7. Prof. Paul Gottfried
Elizabethtown College

8. Prof. William Anthony Hay
Mississippi State University

9. Herb London
Hudson Institute

10. Prof. Mark Malvasi
Randolph-Macon College

11. Douglas Minson
Associate Rector
The Witherspoon Fellowships

12. Prof. Mark Molesky
Seton Hall University

13. Prof. Stephen Presser
Northwestern University

14. Phyllis Schlafly
Eagle Forum

15. Fred Smith
Competitive Enterprise Institute

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
So you may ask, why these scholars rather than others who are arguably at least as harmful? Great question. The answer is that the most harmful scholars on this list were easier to identify since they chose themselves by creating a list of the top 15 most harmful books of the 20th century. To see why the scholars are harmful rather than the books, see their hysterical list at:

Always wary about the tremendous harm that scholars inflict upon the public, our bloggence recommends that these 15 scholars be invited to speak at your next gathering, where they can be if not enlightened, then properly ridiculed.


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