Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Protesters Fight for Soldiers' Freedom

. . . About that time, another soldier who had been
listening piped in and told me that he didn't mind us
protesting because they had fought for my freedoms. I
didn't ignore that comment this time; I told him I was
a Navy veteran who had spent time in the Persian Gulf
the first time around, and I did not need him to fight
for me. Furthermore, I informed him that my status as
a veteran is not what gives me the right to Free
Speech, and that everyone was entitled to that as an
inalienable right. He intensely listened to me as I
went on to explain that I felt those of us who were
demonstrating and protesting were actually the ones
who were securing his freedoms, and that if it were
not for people like me, then the soldiers who are
fighting in foreign countries would return home to
America to find that they had no rights or freedoms
left. . . .

Quoted from:
Recent Conversations With U.S. Soldiers
by Mitchell E. Potts
Thanks to C.B. for this!


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