Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Ayatollah of Holy Rollers

The final part of a 5-part series about the American Christian nationalists is now available online.
This part is about Christian Reconstructionists, who work toward replacing the US constitution. Their leader has "succeeded in selling his far right politics and theocratic religious ideas to millions of unsuspecting evangelicals, who had once led America's fight to keep church and state forever separate."

Here's the beginning of the end:

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Death by stoning for atheists, adulterers, and practicing male homosexuals.

Stoning - or possibly burning at the stake - for atheists, heretics, religious apostates, followers of other religions who proselytize, unmarried females who are unchaste, incorrigible juvenile delinquents, and children who curse or strike their parents.

And, oh yes, death to witches, Satanists, and those who commit blasphemy.

Does this sound like a radical Islamist nightmare, a replay of Afghanistan under the Taliban?

Welcome to the United States of America as Christian Reconstructionists hope to run it. Not as a democracy, which they see as secular heresy. But as a reconstructed Christian nation, complete with biblically sanctioned flogging and slavery.

The Bible rules, OK? And, in its name, a small elect of true believers are now seeking capital-D Dominion over every aspects of our government, laws, education, and personal lives. . . .

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Mac said...

That is some scary shit.


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