Sunday, June 05, 2005

Are People Born This Way?

"Incapacity of the masses." What a tool for all exploiters and dominators, past present and future, and especially for the modern aspiring enslavers, whatever their insignia -- Nazism, Bolshevism, Fascism, or Communism. "Incapacity of the masses." This is a point on which reactionaries of all colors are in perfect agreement; and this agreement is exceedingly significant.
-- Voline

The masses are incapable because their potential capabilities are bred out of them. The current system of dominance and submission, of consumerism and neoliberal corporate privilege, cannot cultivate universal capability; it knows only how to suppress and contain and distort. The irony of course is that the voice of this system looks over its own results and declares it to be a natural disaster due to the incapacity of the people.

If this fundamental insight needs relearning in every generation, it is because this lesson too is not on the curriculum. One remedial lesson is found in a forgotten book by Erich Fromm:

"If any single work could bring mankind to its senses, this book might qualify for that miracle. . . . This book is the product of one of the most penetrating, most mature minds of our time."
--Lewis Mumford


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