Thursday, December 01, 2005

Regime Change Made EZ

In recent memory, U.S. covert* imperialism has overthrown three authoritarian governments by funding and organizing soft power and nonviolent civil resistance movements in:
1. Serbia (Milosevic)
2. Georgia (Shevardnadze)
3. Ukraine (Yanukovych)

To do so, the U.S. relies on think tanks to brainstorm how to overthrow governments without deploying the military. A key document of this brainstorming as it was applied successfully is Gene Sharp's FROM DICTATORSHIP TO DEMOCRACY: A conceptual framework for liberation online at:

This work efficiently summarizes the tactics and strategy used to overthrow those three governments listed above. It was supposedly published in 1993 by a Senior Scholar-in-Residence at The Albert Einstein Institution. This think tank / advocacy group was started by Gene Sharp, and it specializes in nonviolent regime change. For an expose of how the CIA and NATO use his approach, see this expose. But don't waste too much time there. We still have a future to win -->

Nonviolent change from bumbling authoritarian regimes to democratic elections is at least a step in the right direction, although of course it doesn't go far enough by half. What we are proposing today is that Sharp's work be redirected: Regime change begins at home! Now that the U.S. itself is mired in a militantly bumbling authoritarian regime that has consistently defied the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, not to mention several international treaties, we believe that Sharp's tactics can be reappropriated to create a mass nonviolent resistance movement.

After all, why reinvent the wheel when it's already on a roll?

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*By "covert" we don't refer to the overt imperial force applied to Haiti or Afghanistan or Panama or ad nauseam.

**I was tipped off to this connection by the blog Crimes of the State


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