Monday, November 21, 2005

16,000 Protest at U.S. Torture School

The latest protest at the infamous torture training Fort Benning School of the Americas brought out the largest crowd so far there. At least 40 were arrested:
A local paper reported that:

"Protesters came to hear from leaders about many issues, from protecting Mother Earth to songs about President George W. Bush. They heard speeches about unions working to raise the wages of farm workers and boycotting U.S. corporations — including Coca-Cola — for not treating their workers well. . . .

"Speakers included union leaders from the Unites States and Latin countries; the moderator of the Presbyterian Church, USA; a pastor and representative of the Florida Rainbow/PUSH Coalition; sweatshop protesters; a former prisoner who had been jailed for crossing into Fort Benning during previous protests; authors; and many others. . . ."

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