Thursday, November 17, 2005

Capra on Leonardo's Science

Fritjov Capra, author of several important books*, is now working on a new project to be published in 2007.
He's going to summarize the enormous mass of manuscript notes left by Leonardo aa Vinci with an eye for Leonardo's qualitative science of natural forms. This work has still not been digested. Here's an excerpt from Capra's home page about this work in progress:

"One hundred years before Galileo and Bacon, Leonardo developed a new scientific method, involving the systematic observation of nature, reasoning, drawing, and writing. Leonardo's approach is that of a painter. "Painting embraces within itself all forms of nature," he wrote, and he asserted that the science of painting involves the study of nature's forms. His systematic studies of living and nonliving forms amounted to a qualitative science, a science of patterns and processes.

Leonardo's exploration of patterns, interconnecting phenomena from a vast range of fields, can now be recognized as an early precursor of today's theories of complex living systems. This pioneering scientific work was virtually unknown during his lifetime and remained hidden for over two centuries after his death . . . "

* The Tao of Physics
* Uncommon Wisdom
* The Turning Point
* The Web of Life
* The Hidden Connections

More for Fritjov Capra's books here


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