Monday, May 09, 2005

How to Stop the War

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Read a chapter from the book above online: "A New Counterterrorism Strategy: Feminism" by Barbara Ehrenreich.
In sum:
"A sustained and serious effort to gain human rights for women worldwide could be the start of a brand new approach to fighting terrorism."

How to End the War by Naomi Klein

"Sadly, the Bush administration has done a better job of using the language of responsibility than we in the anti-war movement. The message that’s getting across is that we are saying “just leave,” while they are saying, “we can’t just leave, we have to stay and fix the problem we started.”

We can have a very detailed, responsible agenda and we shouldn’t be afraid of it. We should be saying, “Let’s pull the troops out but let’s leave some hope behind.” We can’t be afraid to talk about reparations, to demand freedom from debt for Iraq, a total abandonment of Bremer’s illegal economic laws, full Iraqi control over the reconstruction budget —- there are many more examples of concrete policy demands that we can and must put forth. When we articulate a more genuine definition of democracy than we are hearing from the Bush administration, we will bring some hope to Iraq. And we will bring closer to us many of the 58 percent who are opposed to the war but aren’t marching with us yet because they are afraid of cutting and running."


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Also see more from Naomi Klein at her website, "No Logo":


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