Friday, May 06, 2005

Faith-based News Channels

Yesterday we blogged about rightwing propaganda posing as "Fair & Balanced" on Fox News, and today's bloggence points to the latest issue of The Columbia Journalism Review wherein is found an article on fundamentalist Christian ideology as news. Pity the poor people who actually watch both!

See "Stations Of The Cross" or, "How evangelical Christians are creating an alternative universe of faith-based news" for the unbelievable news about such faith-as-news. Programs discussed include CBN's NewsWatch, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Sky Angel radio, the 700 Club, and Precepts For Life, and Prophecy in the News and the old organization of National Religious Broadcasters.

The upshot is that while the audience for these "news" programs is still a minority, they are growing even as you read this sentence. And because they are active, outspoken, missionary, and organized, they are a powerful minority.

I believe that while Fox News is a larger threat to society because its propaganda is somewhat more subtle and because its audience is larger, nevertheless such faith-based news programs contribute to the same rightwing disaster because the neo-cons and the evangelicals are now cooperating to maintain their political power. Both brands of propaganda dovetail into a basically Bushite Empire.


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