Monday, April 10, 2006

Best Countries in the World, 2005.

Most and Least Livable Countries: UN Human Development Index, 2005

The Human Development Index (HDI), published annually by the UN, ranks nations according to their citizens' quality of life rather than strictly by a nation's traditional economic figures. The criteria for calculating rankings include life expectancy, educational attainment, and adjusted real income. The 2005 index is based on 2003 figures.
“Most Livable” Countries, 2005
1. Norway 11. Japan
2. Iceland 12. Netherlands
3. Australia 13. Finland
4. Luxembourg 14. Denmark
5. Canada 15. United Kingdom
6. Sweden 16. France
7. Switzerland 17. Austria
8. Ireland 18. Italy
9. Belgium 19. New Zealand
10. United States 20. Germany

Upshot: Ireland & Iceland are more advanced than the US now.
In related news, El Salvador (!?!) has been offered as a model for where the USA is heading under the Christian regime in power. See: Pro-Life Nation.


At 5:54 AM, Blogger Mike Golby said...

Having just read Chomsky and Chris Floyd on the past and possible future of Iraq, it amazes me the States is still all the way up there. I'd be too damned embarrassed to visit such a place. Besides, from where I sit (ZA), here looks a damned side more healthy than there.


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