Tuesday, December 27, 2005

2005 as Preview of 2006

This week, I predict that other blogs will follow traditional news conventions to review the top stories of 2005 as it comes limping toward its final collapse. But this bloggence will offer much more: a preview of the coming year's major stories! In all modesty, I cannot predict everything that might happen in the future, yet all of my past predictions have come to pass. This skill is not based on otherworldly ESP, but rather based on reading the writing on the wall. Today's preview:

  • In 2006, militaries around the world will patrol certain coastal cities after a series of ecological crises leads to declarations of a State of Emergency. In some cases, martial law will be imposed.

"Ecological catastrophes are only terrifying for civilians. For the military, they are but a simulation of chaos, an opportunity to justify an art of warfare which is the more autonomous as the political State dies out. At this point, all civilian populations are helpless victims of the scam, of this ransacking of the world's resources." - Paul Virilio


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that (foto + quote) = go SO well together!


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