Friday, October 07, 2005

Recurring Events: Village Protest in China

This week yet another in a long series of hundreds of village protests in rural China, which generally pit farming villagers versus corrupt officials in league with private industries.

The Taipei Times caption for this photo is:
"Chinese riot police block villagers at Taishi village in Guangdong Province on Sept. 12. Several villagers were injured when they tried to prevent police officers from seizing accounting ledgers that they said contain evidence of graft by the village chief." (PHOTO: AP)

The lawyer defending the rights of the villagers was arrested. He's in a deep pile of crap now. The police force here came out with overwhelming force because the police have been defeated by villagers in the past. The historical trend behind all this is the brutal transition from a socialist society to a capitalist economy, where a few lucky insiders are taking property while most of the population is shoved aside and told to survive elsewhere. This process is pushed along by the authoritarian regime in power, ironically named the "Communist Party".

More on this story at the link above.

And what's up with the names of political parties in general now? All over the world we find misnomers, such as in the US "Republican" party which turns out to be the party of "Empire" and Theocracy instead.


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