Monday, October 03, 2005

Love on the Left Bank

These photos document a now vanished moment in Paris, circa 1951 to 1953 in the cafes of the Left Bank around Saint Germain des Prés. They were taken by the late Ed Van Der Elsken, then visiting from Amsterdam only to find himself drawn into a small tribe of young bohemian delinquent anarchists -- and to fall passionately in love with them. Some of these photos have never been published, while others are available in his book, Love on the Left Bank, as I noted in my previous blog post. They are available from the archives of the Netherlands Photo Museum at the link above.

Café Chez Moineau Rue du Four, Paris, France (1953). A few young rebels, a couple of members of the Letterist International.

Inter-generational philosophy slams.

Next bloggence will treat the memoirs of these images, to evoke the exact milieu of the young Guy Debord amoung the Letterists and soon to be Situationist avant-garde.


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