Monday, October 31, 2005

D.C. Revolution

Washington D.C., October 2005
After long continuance of bad news and worse
of grave misdeeds that multiply graves,
how levity reverses now my gaze
to see upward toward filtered inspiration
bursting in miniature beams of radiant light.
The Capital Dome seems to revolve
spinning out Libby out Rove out Cheney
and so many more of associated guilt out
into the glare of daylight their nightmare plots,
meanwhile pulling in old Rosa Parks
honored everymother with simple rightness,
with her wearied refusal to stand anymore
of the Man, the white besuited prince
of darkness, that ole devil hisself
in the guise of commonsense tradition.
Would that she were still around to sit
in that White House too, so justified.


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