Saturday, August 13, 2005


Near Crawford, Texas, Bush supporters chant "We don't care!" to the grieving mother of a dead soldier (across the road from Cindy Sheehan). Waving the flag of imperial might, and relying on the ambiguous slogan, "support our troops" (!!??), these obedient worshipers of authority are in effect nakedly displaying all the smug contempt for goodness, truth, and beauty which lies at the corrupted heart of rightwing America.

Let's face it once and for all: they simply don't care. And in this ugly revelation of their own inhumanity, the Bush-worship crowd also reveals the hideous secret behind this kind of war: they celebrate the right to send other people to die in a war for American access to oil. They want to preserve the right to kill others in order to preserve their own careless way of life.
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P.S. As if to double the proof for the above, two days later on the night of August 15th, a rightwing-nut drove his pickup truck through the encampment, smashing the white crosses holding the names of dead soldiers. The aftermath looked like this:


At 11:30 PM, Blogger Mac said...

That whole scene just makes my want to puke.

Never underestimate the utter stupidity of average Americans.


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