Thursday, August 04, 2005

Help Wanted: Jobs?

"Is the job honest and useful? Is it a real contribution to human need?"
List of below is from Theodore Roszak's Person/Planet

Huckstering jobs: inventing, advertising, selling expensive trash to gullible customers

Busywork jobs: sorting, filing, computerizing, endless amounts of data, office memos, statistical figments

Mandarin-administrative jobs: co-ordinating, overseeing, supervising clerical battalions and bureaucratic hierarchies, many of which -- especially in government operations -- exist merely to spin their own wheels

Financial sleight-of-hand jobs: juggling cash and credit, sniffing out tax loopholes and quick speculative windfalls in real estate, arbitrage, stocks and bonds

Compensatory amusements jobs: marketing the vicarious glamour and escapist pleasures whose one use is to relieve the tedium and frustration of workaday life: spectator sports, mass media distractions, superstar entertainments, package tours, the pricey toys and accoutrements of "creative leisure"

Cop jobs: providing security against the theft and violence of society's have-nots, policing the streets, hassling the riffraff through the coursts, guarding the prisons, snooping into credit ratings, school records, personnel evaluations

Welfare processing jobs: picking up the economy's casualties, keeping them on the public assistance treadmill, holding the social discontent below the boiling point

And at the dizzy top of the heap: billion-dollar boondoggling; the cartel-building, multinational maneuvering, military-industrial back scratching -- which is the corrupted soul of our corporate economy.

The list could go on indefinitely, a spreading network of waste and corruption that touches very nearly everybody's work life. . . . My own profession of university teaching has fattened enormously over the past generation by educating (or training) the personnel who have become the executive functionaries and white-collar rank and file in this flourishing surplus economy. . . ."

--Theodore Roszak 1978


At 1:25 PM, Blogger Publius Americanus said...

I like this. I keep meaning to grab some Roszak -- what I really ought to do is put his texts on a file-sharing system like BitTorrent.

That's non-infringing fair use, right?


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