Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Whales Win Again

Greenpeace Live: A message from the Virtual March

51,732 of you march onto Ulsan, South Korea

The world's first Virtual March for the whales started last night. [People emailed in photos of themselves holding anti-whaling signs in Korean.] Adele Major, one Greenpeace activist on the ground in South Korea describes the scene:

"It was the moment we'd all been waiting for. As the whale sounds echoed across the plaza and the projections began, no one could take their eyes off the screen. Apathetic shoppers and Pizza Hut diners couldn't help but stop and stare at the huge screen featuring projections of thousands of people from around the world holding anti-whaling banners. Many locals and tourists stared at the screen with real emotion crossing their faces, some with tears in their eyes. People even stopped their cars and gaped over their open car doors."

To all the people who submitted your photos for the Virtual March, and countless others who've taken action these last weeks to support the Greenpeace activists at the Whale Embassy - thank you. We heard a few days ago that the city of Ulsan has apparently scrapped its plans to build a whale meat factory. Together, you've sent a clear message to the Korean government and also to the delegates who are meeting to decide the fate of the whales this week. . . .
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Commission Bans Commercial Whaling

Associated Press
ULSAN, South Korea

Countries opposed to the resumption of commercial whaling claimed victory after the international body responsible for regulating whale hunts upheld a moratorium they call essential to protecting the mammals.

International Whaling Commission members chose at their annual meeting to maintain the almost-two-decade-old ban on killing whales for profit, dealing a blow to Japan and its allies committed to achieving a resumption of commercial culls. . . .

[the vote was close at 29 to 23]


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