Thursday, June 16, 2005

"State" University

Below is an actual job ad. Welcome to the post-911 university as ideological state apparatus:

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Teaching Position

Homeland Security Assistant Extension Professor
The College of Continuing Studies at the University of Connecticut is searching for an Assistant Extension Professor with expertise in Homeland Security. The candidate must have a terminal degree in a related field. The successful candidate should be able to develop and deliver online graduate level courses in Homeland Security related topics for our new MPS in Homeland Security Leadership specialization. The candidate should have professional experience in law enforcement or security management, and have a demonstrated educational track record working on issues related to the homeland security field. Experience in the development and delivery of advanced level instruction at a recognized law enforcement or security-related training academy is desired.

Candidates should have sound working knowledge of homeland security current affairs, including applicable Presidential Directives, the National Response Plan, NIMS, National Planning Scenarios, Target Capabilities, Universal Task Lists, training, exercise, and assessment requirements promulgated by DHS’s Office of Domestic Preparedness, and other pertinent documents related to Homeland Security strategy and policy. Teaching experience with returning adult college students is required and knowledge of online programming is preferred. The ability to develop and deliver security related courses for the private sector (business asset protection, business continuity planning) is essential. . . .

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As I was saying last month, I get too little help from the curriculum.


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