Saturday, May 21, 2005

Save 2000 whales with your face

Greenpeace at the link above helps you to save quite a few whales from a proposed slaughterhouse in South Korea. Activists are camping on the spot, meeting with the town's mayor, and getting into trouble with the local police. And they are successfully hanging in there due to "international pressure" of thousands of email letters from people like us. We sent so many that the mayor's email account shut down.

This month will be decisive -- to build a whaling slaughterhouse or not. Greenpeace has come up with a new way to demonstrate concern from overseas. The link above brings you to their handy-dandy site where you can print out a message in Korean, snap a photo of yourself with it, and upload it to Greenpeace. We thereby become a virtual presence during the protest meetings in Korea.


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