Sunday, May 15, 2005

4 Wars, 4 Lies

Four Bloody Lies of War, from Havana 1898 to Baghdad 2003
By Harvey Wasserman
The Columbus Free Press
Sunday 08 May 2005

The Bush Administration's lies about its rationales for attacking Iraq fit a pattern of deceit that has dragged America into at least three other unjust and catastrophic wars.

The "smoking gun" documents that emerged in the recent British election confirm the administration had decided to go to war and then sought "intelligence" to sell it.

But conscious, manipulative lies were also at the root of American attacks on Cuba in 1898, US intervention into World War I in 1917 and in Vietnam. These lies are as proven and irrefutable as the unconscionable deception that dragged the US into Iraq in 2003.

In each case, these lies of war have caused horrific human slaughter, the destruction of human rights and liberties, and financial disaster.

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Read the sad details of this history here:


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