Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Late Nights in Taipei

I always stay up long after midnight in Taipei, trying not to worry.
But a new global survey reveals that I'm not the only one here.
Taiwan polls out at Number 1 in the world for sleepless late nighters: 69% of Taiwanese say they stay up after midnight. The difference is that they also say they get up early in the morning -- something that is against my religion.

Some things we worry about into the wee hours:

  • Why are the Australians sleeping earlier and longer than anyone else in the world?
  • Why do my students send email asking if the reading assignments are on the midterm test for a literature class?
  • Why is mainland China promising to attack Taiwan "only as a last resort" after other measures, when in fact China doesn't have any other measures?
  • How is it that everything worth saying has already been said, yet people cannot remember anyone having said anything?


At 12:25 AM, Blogger cazzy said...

if the reading assigments are NOT on the midterm test, i reckon a quarter of the class wouldn't be bothered to read them. and, in fact, even if mainland China does have other measures, i don't think China will attack Taiwan...well, at least not for the next few years...(passerby)

At 9:03 PM, Blogger E. Heroux said...

Hi Cazzy:
Thanks for the driveby. But you're making me more worried than before.
1. What's the point of getting an education in Literature you've never read? Isn't that closer to not getting an education?
2. Probably you're right about China. Their military heads are really pushing to attack. We hope that saner heads are holding them back. But too bad they did attack Tibet.


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