Saturday, March 05, 2005

Foreign minister missive from Canada to U.S.

I'm relieved to finally see a sane statement of position from a (former) government official, alas a Canadian rather than American. The link brings you to the whole statement, an Open Letter to Condoleezza Rice by Lloyd Axworthy, president of the University of Winnipeg and a former Canadian foreign minister.

In sum, he details how much Condi Rice--and by extension the U.S.-- could learn during her visit to Canada, not only about why they don't support missile defense spending, but also why they do support international institutions such as the Kyoto Accords and the International Criminal Court. These decisions are the opposite of the U.S. decisions. Incredible that such values have to be explained patiently to our deluded officials. Axworthy concludes:

"Accept that, as a friend on your border, we will offer a different, independent point of view. And that there are times when truth must speak to power."


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