Thursday, February 24, 2005

Cold War Redux?

While Bush is in Europe spreading the joyous news that they should like us again, Russia & China have formed a new strategic alliance uniting Asia against "the U.S. geopolitical offensive". The article linked to above from India wonders if a new Cold War is beginning. (Thanks to C.B. for sending this along).

Speaking of which, the old Cold Warrior we thought was put out to pasture is now back in action -- Henry Kissinger was sent in mid-February to present U.S. demands and expectations for Russia to Putin himself. Kissinger!? Isn't he still subpoenaed by several countries for war crimes? There are certain airports in certain countries where old Henry dare not arrive. He would not be allowed to depart again.

But obviously to this Administration, sending an indicted war criminal over to Russia to preach to them about the virtues of human rights and democracy is not really a dubious contradiction. No one seems to mind that Kissinger initiated the violent overthrow of Chilean democracy in 1970 which led to the death of their popularly elected president, Allende, and the installation of the vicious dictator Pinochet. 30 years later both Pinochet and Kissinger on "on trial" for crimes against humanity. About the Chileans, Kissinger had said that the US does not have to tolerate their democracy because the people were irresponsible. What will he say if Putin quotes his own words back to him?

While the East is uniting itself in this emerging geopolitical alignment that vaguely resembles the old Iron Curtain -- except that now India wants to join them -- Bush Junior is waltzing around Europe leaving skeptics everywhere wondering why he's not clear on the concept. When your friends get pissed at you and leave, you don't then go to their house and announce that you forgive them and everything is OK again. Bush doesn't seem to understand this. It is up to Europe to announce whether or not they forgive us and want to get back together. Since Bush isn't clear on this concept, the European press is having a field day with our unenlightened Emperor.

Bush announcing "Good news: you're friendly to me again!" while Kissinger tells Putin, "Democracy is good, trust the people!" And these guys actually believe that this is effective diplomacy? No wonder the East is strategically forming a new defensive bloc. They're realizing that they are up against a gang of self-deluded fools who swagger around with enormous weaponry.


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