Monday, February 07, 2005

Plans to Cut Education & Increase Violence

The attack of values has begun! The Bush budget proposal leaves the US with the highest debt in history, increases by $80 billion spending for pre-emptive war on top the world's biggest military spending already in place: $419.3 billion. To do so it reduces and eliminates programs in:

*health care programs & Medicaid
*Social Security
*alternative energy research
*environmental protection

We're going to see more Americans running around sick and uneducated, breathing their own fumes and drinking their own sewage. But they can always get away and travel overseas to occupy other nations such as Iraq and soon Iran. That's the plan.

We saw this coming a long time ago--check my archives about Administrative Nihilism for a single example-- but this truth was drowned out by the high volume likes of Fox News, talk radio, Rush, Dr. Dobson, ad nauseam, and even by mainstream news copied straight off of White House press releases without checking the facts.

In the link above, the report cites experts stating that taxes will still have to be raised.
And what do we talk about when we talk about "education" cuts? Glad you asked:

"About one-third of the programs being targeted for elimination are in the Education Department, including federal grant programs for local schools in such areas as vocational education, supporting drug-free schools and Even Start, a $225 million literacy program."

Translation: the poor are getting poorer because the rich need to get richer.

Employee Health Insurance to Vanish
Republicans under the current administration seek to demolish "the system of employer-provided health insurance that has covered most working Americans for the last half-century. In its place, they want to erect a system in which workers instead of looking to employers for health insurance would take personal responsibility for protecting themselves and their families . . . " And this despite last week's report that a full 50% of personal bankruptcies are from medical bills going on people's credit cards!

Where is the outrage? It's been snowed under by the pharmaceutical industry.

Rest assured, despite health care cuts, that your Prozac, your mood elevator and your anti-depressants, and Ritalin for your anxious kids, and your Valium and sleeping pills will still be widely available. Everyone is on those, and higher doses will be needed to get you through these tough times ahead:

"According to the National Mental Health Association there are currently 40 million people in the U.S. that are classified as clinically depressed. At least half are on antidepressants, but only 30 percent find the pills to be helpful. It is estimated that 2.5 million children are on antidepressants. Children on Ritalin or similar drugs is 4.5 million." (stats from two years ago and rising).

The USA already has the highest cost per person for medical care in the Entire World. Now working families will be required to pay more. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to explain this to a class of students in Taiwan? You can't explain it. They can visit a doctor for only $3. The whole civilized world looks at America not as a "City on a Hill" radiating the light of progress, but rather as a "Cowboy Town in a Dump" spilling toxic waves of brutality.


At 11:17 PM, Blogger Abhishek Dey Das said...

if you ask me, we should stop blamming bush altogether, after all its the american people who chose him for a second time, may be they like driking out of their own sewage.

At 7:27 PM, Blogger Brian David Phillips said...

Well . . . maybe some do . . . or, since the Bush win was only by a slight marging despite Republican spin on things . . . maybe many don't and maybe of the ones who did vote for the current administration, maybe a number of them were duped into voting for the current president because of fear, a fear increased by clever use of alertness ratings and the like as well as media oversaturation of the terror of being hurt by a nefarious faceless enemy manufactured in part and inflated in others. Most folks who voted for Bush don't realize they could very well lose a lot more than the other camp could possibly have lost. It is true that the current situation is not entirely Bush's fault, the disenfranchisement of poor Americans has been happening for years with only small respites when administrations worked to stop it (typically Democratic). Bad things a comin' and all that.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger E. Heroux said...

Yes it takes more than a President to ruin a whole country. In some sense, people get the country they deserve. But in another sense, as Brian suggests, fully half of voters were against Bush -- more than 50 million Americans who are now flabbergasted beyond belief. And that's even with the faulty election machines and other voting fraud by Republicans. See my old blog on this at

Many of those who voted for Bush are simply victims of propaganda. If you aren't reading real books on a daily basis, you're not getting any reliable information whatsoever in America. Making irrational choices is the result.

I think that the international civil society, such as it is, should begin to speak and act as if Americans too are victims of this administration. It is not just the overseas victims of imperial violence, but the rising tide of poor Americans who are being used up in this right-wing movement.

At 10:31 PM, Blogger dharma33 said...

Speaking as one of those 'flabbergasted beyond belief' here in the conservative Northeast, the top reasons people voted for Bush(both Dems and Reps)were 1. the alarming degree of frequency and and higher ratings of the so called terrorist alerts. 2. the abortion issue 3. The stunning misrepresentation of facts by the Bush administration and the media and the bombardment of mudslinging toward the Kerry campaign and Kerry's Vietnam history. Most people were greatly confused and voted out of fear alone that only Bush could save us from terrorism and the belief in the prevailing myth that we should elect for a second term any pres. who is in office when any given war is begun.
We need to make known news sources that give us the facts and the truth, however distasteful it may be. Bush and his cohorts are pulling the wool over the eyes of most Americans. I shudder to think what will become of us and the world as we know it in the next 4 years.


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