Saturday, January 22, 2005

Frat Boy Head of Smirking Class.

Once a stupid frat boy, always a stupid frat boy. The Head of the Smirking Class, "G.W." His inaugural speech used the term "freedom" about 43 times. "Freedom begins at home" is a cliche he's never heard yet.

But seriously, at a deeper level than this spectacle, the news behind the news is that Bush is not really as stupid as he looks. Yes, he smirks and can't get through a sentence in English. Yes, the collection of darkly funny "Bushisms" is surprisingly large. Yes, his version of theocracy is right out of puritan cartoons. But go deeper behind layers of disinformation and you find that Bush has a strategy that belies the publicity. Sure it's about as coherent as was "Mein Kampf", but look how successfully that dictator was able to follow through on it step by step. Bush is kicking our asses, and all we can do is wave a few insulting signs at a protest.

Do not underestimate the malice of this psychopath. He is a True Believer in his own Special Grace, and he intends to deploy this divine mandate in remaking the world in his own image.

P.S. See this great jeremiad that contrasts the tragic reality with the detached fantasy of our oligarchic imperial rulers: "The Inaugural Ball: Dancing With Wolves" at


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