Thursday, January 20, 2005

Linking Left(s)

Liberation ran a piece about a new proposal from the First Secretary of the French Socialist Party to create a year-long process of formal dialogue with any and all leftist groups. While I don't wish to join a socialist party, this proposal is interesting because it recognizes how the fragmentation of the left into protestant cliques has allowed the Right to kick ass and take over the world. Second it is interesting also because it shows that someone in Paris has the sense to read my blog, unlike the deaf blowhards in Washington D.C. (see "Modest Proposals from the G.I.A.T. in my November archive)

Here's what the French party said about inviting,

«faire participer le plus grand nombre de personnes possible» à l'élaboration du projet de son parti pour les élections présidentielles et législatives de 2007. On aurait donc «pour une période transitoire au moins, des novices intéressés par le débat... Toute personne intéressée, voire toute association, pourra se manifester pour adhérer le temps de l'élaboration du projet, qui doit durer toute l'année 2005. Ils recevront à cette occasion une carte spéciale d'adhérent (...), pourront donner leur avis, participer à des réunions et même voter sur des "questions intermédiaires". La seule limite qui leur est fixée, à moins de changer les statuts du parti, réside dans l'impossibilité de voter le projet lui-même».

In English:
"the greatest number of people possible may participate" in the elaboration of his party's plans for the presidential and legislative elections of 2007. Consequently, there would be "for a transition period, at least, novices interested in the debate... Any person, or any association, interested in participating will be able to show up and join in on the elaboration of the plan - which should last all this year. They will receive a special membership card for this occasion. . . , will be able to give their opinion, participate in meetings, and even vote on "intermediate questions." The only limitation that applies to them, unless the party's statutes are changed, is that they will not be allowed to vote on the plan itself."

Liberation opines that this is "unheard of". TruthOut ran it as a promising model for the Democratic party in the U.S. Finally, our bloggence is getting somewhere.

Click on link above for the whole article in English.


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