Monday, May 01, 2006

American Immigrants in Mexico

Mexico just solved the immigration clash in one legislative stroke.
They legalized most drugs for personal recreational use. People can possess small amounts of just about whatever drug you can name, with the exception of peyote which is now allowed in huge quantities (see link above for more detail).

What's the connection? Hardworking, ambitious, immigrant families are moving to America to find jobs doing the work that slacker Americans don't want to do for lower pay. In a reciprocal and symmetrical arrangement, now those slacker Americans can legally get high by slumming around in Mexico. We could begin to measure the cross-border exchange as the laborers move north and the recreational users move south. A global recirculation of of the global division of leisure.

The new global cross-migration in social classes. Drugs cannot legally be shipped over international borders, but now their users can be moved.

And, no, I am not high while writing this sobering view.


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