Sunday, March 12, 2006

Surveillance, Infiltration, and Harassment of Environmentalists

'Surveillance, Infiltration, and Harassment of Environmental Organizations': "Hope Marston, of the Lane County Bill of Rights Defense Committee, spoke on the panel on 'Surveillance, Infiltration, and Harassment of Environmental Organizations' at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference ( held March 2-5, 2006, in Eugene, Oregon.

We have just heard a litany of horrible things that we are all dealing with all the time now and we've been dealing with for the last four years, and I don't know how many of you feel overwhelmed with it, but I do every day. I feel overwhelmed with all that's happening. The executive branch is now so far out of control that I'm really not sure how long it is going to take before we can restore our liberties, our Bill of Rights and our fundamental freedoms. The house cleaning that must take place, the dismantling of the repressive system that has now permeated our society, will be enormous."

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