Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Iran's Theocrats Hang Teenagers

This story is illustrated with shocking photos. The shock, I hope, should be experienced by U.S. Christian fundamentalists who want the government to punish homosexuals. Please look at the photos and realize that you are the man with one eyebrow.

Iran's theocrats execute two boys in Edalat Square


At 7:31 PM, Blogger Publius Americanus said...

The man with one eyebrow seems to have been caught at a bad time, but possibly he is not facing the camera because he has a guilty conscience and is denying his inner pinko, which is telling him to stop the theocrats from killing the teens. (Would Woody Guthrie, my favorite pinko, object? I don't recall him ever speaking out to defend homosexuals...)

I think anti-capitalist economics, if it manages to beat capitalism, will be quite successfully employed by theocrats such those of Iran.

It's noteworthy that the Muslims seem to be quite adept at using modern technology in an efficient, sensible way. I doubt there is Islamic theocracy would be anti-science ... at least, I think it would manage science better than the Bush administration. And if the Muslims have science and technology, who can stop them from burning every homosexual within the range of their weapons?

At 7:43 PM, Blogger Publius Americanus said...

Whoops, I posted before I checked all the facts. I assumed from the mention of homosexuals that Iran was hanging the teens for homosexuality. It looks like they're just being hanged for some non-sexual reason.

I don't see what's shocking about hanging teenagers. Teenagers are old enough to get condoms handed to them by public school teachers and social workers. Teenagers are old enough to kill each other in gang wars. Teenagers are old enough to get hanged in Iran. And I guess I'm not clear which American conservatives want to punish homosexuals. Would this be punishment by hanging?

At 5:43 PM, Blogger E. Heroux said...

P.S. to Pub. Am.:

Thanks for your comments. They persuade me to stop blogging. Not sure yet, but I'm still deciding whether or not to continue.

Meanwhile, to answer your last question about "which conservatives" -- see my post about the Christrian Reconstructionists at

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Publius Americanus said...

Don't give up the anti-plutocrat ship just yet, Heroux. The world needs brainy types like you to keep churning out information into the info-ecology. It will become useful at some point.

And don't tell me you're not celebrating the fact that Uzbekistan formally served the U.S. military forces with an eviction notice:

{from a Pakistan paper}

Uzbekistan has formally evicted the US from a military base that has served as a hub for its combat operations in Afghanistan, The Washington Post reported on Saturday.
Uzbekistan will give the United States 180 days to move aircraft, personnel and equipment, according to the report.
{end quote}
I had been telling everyone that the U.S. would never budge from Uzbekistan and now they have to budge or else burn bridges with a key satrapy. Now you've got to think that's good news, right?

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Publius Americanus said...

By the way, the gay press has some diverse and tradition-defying insights into Iran.

Full Story Behind 'Iran Gay Hangings' Mired In Controversy
by Rex Wockner Editor-At-Large
Posted: August 3, 2005  12:01 am ET

The two male teenagers hanged in Mashad, Iran, July 19 were executed not for having sex with each other, as has been reported, but for raping a 13-year-old boy, Human Rights Watch is claiming.
The New York Times and the Times of London separately reported the same thing.
Mahmoud Asgari, 18, and Ayaz Marhoni, 19, allegedly raped the boy at least 14 months prior to their executions, meaning at least one, and perhaps both, of them were minors at the time.


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