Saturday, April 23, 2005

Fish to Avoid

Earth Day includes the oceans. Oceans affect human health.

Eating fish is good for you -- or it used to be good for you. Nowadays eating fish is to gamble with your health. Pollution from every corner of the globe has collected in rain, rivers, lakes, and even the oceans -- now to the point where many studies have concluded that such pollutants are causing birth defects. Pregnant women should drastically reduce the amount of fish they eat, according to several medical reports. Three reasons to eat certain types of fish but never others:

  • PCB poisoning (cancer-causing, birth defects, lowered IQ)
  • mercury poisoning (birth defects, lowered IQ)
  • ecological endangerment (species endangered, over-fishing, destruction of environment)

Which types are to be avoided? See the handy-dandy charts and wallet cards below:

Consumption Advisories: Fish to Avoid


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