Friday, December 10, 2004

1000 dead US soldiers and one photo

This is among the photos that the Bush administration doesn't want you to see.
The photo is of US soldiers killed in Iraq, their corpses returned to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.
Some of these photos were obtained only after a Freedom of Information Act application was filed to force their release. Bush believes that he has the power to censor any image from reaching you. He can indeed wield that power based on our fear and his monied connections, but in doing so he is breaking US constitutional laws.

By the way, in my 4 years of serving in the Air Force as an electronics technician, most of them were spent at Dover Air Force Base, working graveyard shift. So this photo resonates with other memories for me, memories of being contracted into an elaborate bureaucracy and a rigid hierarchy that has the most destructive technologies in the world. Dover is the largest morgue on the east coast. The Morgue is part of a vast machine that prepares for dead bodies which it anticipates with calculated accuracy.

As of today, the body count breached 1,000. How are we to heed the call to "support our troops"?


At 12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are we to heed the call to "support our troops"?

Da-a-a-a have'nt you seen the stickers you can put on you car??? How about the yellow ribbons you can put around your trees??? This is the kind of support we need to show to win this damn war and to give our troops the encouragement to keep pushing forward. It is amazing how many vehicles I see without "Support Our Troops" stickers....What is wrong with these people???When will they wake up and smell the thousands of corpses that can result from this blatant disregard for what is going on overseas. I guess I'll never get how so many folks can drive around FREE to do what they please in this great country and refuse to acknowledge our brave men and women fighting for that very freedom. Just think about if each and every American put a "Support Our Troops" bumper Sticker on their vehicle.
Can you imagine our those troops would feel? I am sick and tired of Americans going about their daily lives as if "all is well." Supporting our troops starts with letting others know you support them. Get your bumper sticker and get with the program. Winning this war begins one bumper sticker at a time.


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